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What is involved in class?

I teach a general class which will appeal to beginners of yoga and beginners to Iyengar yoga

I am qualified to teach a total of 72 yoga poses (asanas) and 8 breathing techniques (pranayama). Each class will be arranged to accommodate a selection of these depending on the focal asanas planned for that time. 

The term will be structured so as each class will build week on week. This way students will get a chance to understand their efforts and capabilities and will be able to work towards developing their full potential.


Props such as yoga belts and blocks are often used to allow those with less strength or flexibility to work correctly and achieve their potential at that time


If you have any specific medical conditions, injury or have had a recent operation, please contact me in advance of booking

Points to note...

- we practice bear foot so please leave your shoes at the door after you enter the room

- wear clothing that you feel comfortable in but isn't too baggy. Most people feel comfortable in leggings or shorts and a t-shirt. We spend the last part of the class in more relaxing poses so you are welcome to put socks and layers back on at this point.

- it is best not to have a full stomach when you come to class 

- ideally please bring your own yoga mat to use. A simple rubber sticky yoga mat can be purchased from many sports and online stores. If you have any yoga equipment, like blocks and belts - please bring these also

- if you arrive late to class, please wait until the quiet sitting at the start of the class is complete and we are moving about until you enter the room

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