How are online classes taught?

Zoom is the online video conference service that I use to teach online classes. Its a very easy to access... simply click on the meeting link that I will send out a few days prior to the class and you will automatically be directed to the online class

Use of yoga equipment for online classes


You will definatly need your own sticky yoga mat.

If yoga props are not items that you have at home, then regular household equipment can always be used. I always email out a list of 'go to' equipment prior to the class. Things like dining chairs, folded towels, weighty books and dressing gown belts can all be used to make great yoga props!

Longer term, I recomend investing in your own yoga props. As a minimum 5 yoga foam pads would be great to have


Set up of camera for online classes


Definitely position your cameras where you can see me... but try to also position your cameras where I can best see you too 

A horizontal camera and mat and equipment set up like below is preferred... but don't worry if this cant be achieved..... we can still do yoga!


camel zoom.png