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5 reasons those who enjoy sport should practice Yoga

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

  1. improves flexibility and strength

  2. helps with poise and balance

  3. encourages endurance

  4. assists with mental clarity and focus

  5. aids relaxation

When Yoga is practiced by sports persons, improved flexibility, endurance, core strength and balance is gained. Breathing techniques will be used to aid relaxation, focus, mental and spiritual clarity. Practicing Yoga helps to slow down the creeping stiffness of age by protecting joints. Yoga can reduce and prevent back pain issues also. If there is tightness through muscles around the hamstrings, groin, glutes, quads or hip flexors, then compression in the lower spine might be experienced which can result in back problems.

With some athletes, this is amplified by the running, sprinting, jumping, kicking, throwing that they do.

Rugby is a demanding sport. Collision impact, tackling and high intensity acceleration can take its toll on the body which results in the body becoming tighter and stiffer. Agility can be lost and injury is more likely to be more frequent. Passing while running needs good spine, shoulder and neck mobility whilst maintaining a strong propulsion to run from the hips down through to the legs. Stretching the chest, back and shoulder muscles will improve a players throwing technique and the ability to stay strong and upright whilst running.

Many footballers can be classified as being one leg dominant. This means the hip flexor and quads are frequently engaged with the kicking leg, but not with the planting leg and this can cause an imbalance in both the hip and spine. Players will stay supple in their muscle length if they practice Yoga and therefore they can continue to train and play effectively.

Yoga acts as a preventative measure against injury prevention

With a combination of strength, power and flexibility, athletes will be able to remain in top physical and mental condition if they practice Yoga. It will help them move better on the pitch, injure less and recover faster. Yoga acts as a preventative measure against injury prevention therefore sports players as well as professional athletes are now appreciating that yoga can help improve their sporting performance

Iyengar Yoga conditions the human system in its entirety, promoting health in mind and body and can be a demanding test of physical endurance when faced with holding challenging or balancing postures (asanas) for long periods of time.

Yoga with Bev runs a weekly Iyengar Yoga class each Friday 10:15-11:15am at Worthing Football Club.

This class is open for everyone to get involved with.

There is a great community spirit at this club so everyone is most welcome.

Athlete or not… everyone can experience the benefits that a Yoga practice brings.

For more info in joining this weekly Yoga class:

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